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The Law Offices of Roy M. Kodani has been representing Pacific Rim companies and individuals in Hawaii for over 30 years.A substantial portion of the law firm's work is devoted to international clients.As a boutique law firm, it is committed to providing personal, high quality, and cost effective legal services.It strives to be innovative, creative, and practical in resolving disputes and in handling complex transactions smoothly and successfully.It is prepared to assert your rights and claims with firmness and with all our available resources.In all cases, Roy M. Kodani listens to the clients, analyze the situation, and recommend alternative options available to the clients.

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Our Law Office concentrates in real estate, business, corporate, litigation, and international law.We have performed legal work on major real estate transactions, many of which involved international corporations.The Law Office represents major companies throughout the Pacific Rim, including mainland U.S.A., Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore.We have practiced before the Federal and State of Hawaii courts and County agencies and commissions.Roy Kodani has argued before the Hawaii Supreme Court and the decisions are part of the Hawaii Supreme Court Reports.He has written a book entitled "Open House - a Guide to Buying and Selling Hawaii Real Estate" published by the University of Hawaii Press.

In the area of real estate, we have been involved in the purchase and sale of hotels in Hawaii, prime urban properties, and commercial properties.

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Fees for our services are usually on an hourly rate, or sometimes on a contingency fee basis in which a percentage of the amount recovered or value of the assets is paid to us after the case is completed.If there is no recovery, then no fees are paid.

Whether the fees are on an hourly rate basis or contingency fee basis depends on the kind of legal work involved.For example, in real estate transactions, or the formation of a business entity, or the preparation of legal documents, the fees will generally be on an hourly fee basis.If, however, the work involves the recovery of money or some kind of assets, then, our office may be willing to do the work on a contingency basis.

Often times, we will ask for a retainer, which is a deposit.The retainer also depends on the kind of work we will be doing.Most times, the retainer will be used to pay costs and expenses which will arise.The amount of the retainer will also depend on the nature of the work.

We do not charge for your first consultation, because the first meeting is usually to obtain information about your reason for contacting us or the legal work you wish us to do.

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