Q. If we cannot go to Hawaii to discuss our legal questions with you, what can you do to assist me?

A. You can first contact me by telephone, mail, facsimile, or e-mail, and in the past we found ways to assist you, even if you are unable to come to Hawaii.

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Q. Are you able to help me with international law?

A. International law is very broad.I can assist you, depending on what specific area of the law it is.For instance, international law can cover tax, trade, and litigation.My specialty is real estate, business, corporate, and litigation, and I am familiar with laws in these areas and therefore, I may be able to assist you with questions involving these areas of the law.

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Q. How should I pay you for your legal fees?

A. Fees for our services are usually on an hourly rate, or sometimes on a contingency fee basis in which a percentage of the amount recovered or value of the assets is paid to us after the case is completed.If there is no recovery, then no fees are paid.

Whether the fees are on an hourly rate basis or contingency fee basis depends on the kind of legal work involved.For example, in real estate transactions, or the formation of a business entity, or the preparation of legal documents, the fees will generally be on an hourly fee basis.If, however, the work involves the recovery of money or some kind of assets, then, our office may be willing to do the work on a contingency basis.

Often times, we will ask for a retainer, which is a deposit.The retainer also depends on the kind of work we will be doing.Most times, the retainer will be used to pay costs and expenses which will arise.The amount of the retainer will also depend on the nature of the work.

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Q. I am not able to speak any English.Will you be able to help me?

A. I am able to speak Japanese, and our assistant can speak, read, and write Japanese.We communicate to all our Japanese clients in the Japanese language.

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Q. Is it alright to call or send an e-mail in Japanese?

A. Yes.As mentioned above, we can communicate verbally and in writing in Japanese.Please do not hesitate to contact us in Japanese.

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Q. I don't really know how to get to your office.Is there any landmarks to guide me?

A. We are located in the center of downtown Honolulu.My office is located in Pauahi Tower which has a beautiful park in the front of the building.There are two towers facing the park called Bishop Square or Tamarind Park.The other building is the American Savings Tower.The park is directly across the main branch of First Hawaiian Bank.

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Q. Do you charge for the first meeting?

A. Usually we do not charge for the first meeting.The purpose of the first meeting is for you to explain your legal problem or you request for a legal document.

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Q. Do you handle collection cases for unpaid monies?

A. Yes.

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Q. If there is a lawsuit, how long and what are your fees to handle the lawsuit?

A. From our past experience, an average lawsuit in Hawaii may take anywhere from two years to four years depending on the complexity of the case and the parties on the opposite side.If the opposite side intentionally delays the case, it may take more time.From three to four years.My fee arrangement is described above.

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Q. When you handle a real estate transaction, what kind of services do you provide?

A. In the normal real estate transaction in Hawaii, there is a printed contract for the purchase and sale of a house or condominium (mansion), or time share.The contract is prepared by the real estate broker.In such case, the attorney may review the contract to purchase and sell the real estate to protect his client.

In a transaction to purchase and sell commercial properties, such as hotels, restaurants, other businesses, or large acres of land, I will prepare a contract to purchase and sell such real estate, because the conditions and terms of the contract is more complicated.Before the purchase or sale is made, I usually meet with the client for planning purposes, such as the formation of a Hawaii entity if the client is a purchaser, or for tax planning to minimize the tax consequences, and to investigate and research the property (called "due diligence").If the seller or buyer is a Hawaii corporation, I prepare corporate documents to authorize the purchase or sale of the corporation's property.If it is a restaurant, I assist the client in the liquor license application.If the transaction involves a bus or taxi company, I assist in obtaining the Public Utilities Commission ("PUC")license.If the business to be purchased is located on a property which is leased from the land owner, I will help the client in obtaining the consent to the transfer of the lease or negotiate a lease, if it is a new business.

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